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Kelley Connors is a life work coach for busy working women

Kelley Connors   Life Work Coach for Busy Working Women


Hello I’m Kelley Connors.

I’m a Life Work Coach & Women’s Leadership Collaborator who guides busy working women to design for possibility, access and reveal their true voice and go from disengaged to passionate in their life work. My coaching program, Design Your Possibility in 5 Steps, is for busy professional women and those newly retired who want to explore what’s next.

As I am trained in wellness coaching and positive psychology, I empower a whole being approach to living well and working well. The art of possibility is a key component to visioning a positive future based on priorities and values.

With a style of coaching that is engaging and thought provoking, I meet working women exactly where they are, and help them believe in what stirs them, and reconnect with their intentions….to go from disengaged to passionate in their life work to sustain their wellbeing.

Designing for possibility has always been a part of my mindset. This is reflected in my own life work journey from healthcare practitioner to communications executive and, now, life work coaching.


Clients remark that my approach is:

“a highly customized and personalized coaching method”

“boutique, creative and niche coaching”

“fun, inspiring and thought-provoking”


My own journey  involves twists and turns, which I navigated despite some fairly large uncertainties. I bring my learnings around my journey to coaching and also get inspired by the women I coach to expand my own capacity for resilience and risk taking.

I also designed my own pathway with an insatiable curiosity and interest in health, and healthcare. This  accelerated my possibilities and transitions from practitioner to businesswomen, independent consultant and then life work coaching. I view discovering and exploring as key to creating possibility…as well as tapping into your own gifts for fuel and resilience in these changing times.

Please drop me a line to connect if my mission intrigues or is relevant to you. I love connecting with women around their best life’s work and look forward to hearing from you.

Be Well,

Kelley Connors, MPH, Life Work Coach

Here’s my professional background:

President, KC Healthcare Communications (PR/branding consulting)

Masters in Public Health, Boston University School of Public Health

Wellcoaches, Inc., Health & Wellness Coaching School

Whole Being Institute, Teaching for Transformation

Benson Henry Institute, Mind Body Medicine

Trained health and Wellness coach (Wellcoaches, Inc. )

Trained Yoga Teacher (200 hour registered yoga teacher)

Univ of Southern California Leonard Davis School of Gerontology

Healthcare Businesswomen’s Association/Boston Chapter, Global Digital Innovator and Webinar Moderator

Connecticut Technology Council, Nominated Woman of Innovation

Host of Blog-Style Online Radio Show Host, Real Women on Health and Design the Second Half of Your Life



Moderator, Career Conversations on Purpose, Emotional Intelligence Leadership


Published articles in Huffington Post


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