About Kelley

Journey with me and other like-minded women to design the second half of our lives to live and work well …

I’m Kelley Connors, Life Work Coach and Women’s Leadership Collaborator.

What do I do? Two things:

I support time starved and stressed busy working women who are ready to get off the hamster wheel to design their best life’s work – with the power of wellbeing. This means I guide women to embody their gifts and strengths, break through their own imposed barriers or “rules”, have courageous conversations and live their legacy with ease and joy.

I also help busy women to tell their story in an inspirational and engaging way to build a network of support for their life’s work. This is what many refer to as personal branding…whatever you call it..it’s key to getting truly rewarded for your gifts, strengths and passions. And, this translates to more energy, more money, and sustainable work.

In other words…

I’m in the business of helping busy working women feel well, go from disengaged to passionate in their life’s work – and build a network of support and community that co-creates new possibilities. This is a key to happiness, health and wellbeing.

Obsessed with purpose, wellbeing and happiness and how this helps busy working women advance their life’s work, I want you to successfully do what you are most passionate about — and both look and feel great (as in, really really delightful) while you’re at it.

I serve you if you:

– Desire to shift your life’s work and advance to live and work well for the next decade or so of your career
– Want to stop gripping and striving to meet someone else’s goals to meet your own inspired goals for purposeful life’s work
– Feel you’re a square peg trying to fit into a roundhole with your work and seek more alignment and happiness for your life’s work, finally!
– Want to make your customers and clients genuinely glad they did business with you

BUT I know there’s stuff in the way for you…

✓ you don’t really know what you want to do if you’re not on the hamster wheel…

✓ you get stressed inside (and sometimes out!) when thinking about what to do next after spending years at your current job

✓ you secretly worry that you’re not experienced or knowledgeable enough to switch jobs, careers or start something on your own

✓ you need objective guidance in crafting an online presence that reflects YOU, your purpose and results in better connections and new opportunities

✓ despite your desire to move forward, you tend to hold tight to your past achievements to prove your worth to yourself

(Also, if you love to travel and would like to do more, chances are I definitely serve you, too.)

I have 20+ years in marketing and communications roles serving multinational companies, non-profits and small businesses. I’ve grown my own online radio show, started my own blog, and have helped individuals market themselves both online and off.

Plus, I’ve worked as a volunteer leader with national women’s organizations like Healthcare Businesswomen’s Association and have published articles on Linked In, and on-line magazines, like Huff Po50.

My experience has taught me that:
• Purpose is key to happiness and wellbeing.
• Wellbeing is a proxy for health. If you feel good, and you’re happy or at least content…you’re more productive.
• You don’t need to reinvent yourself over and over again. If you are open to new learnings, you will be able to find a new pathway.
• Reinvention is really aligning and clarifying what’s most important or interesting to you.
• You’re already enough – that’s true – but many of your gifts are hidden behind expectations.
• Where there is a desire, there is opportunity for fulfillment. Look for the opportunities and create the possibility from your inner resources and outer circles of support.

So,  you know what I am most committed to?

1. Defying ageism as a personal mindset
2. Breaking through gripping stories in favor of new possibilities.
3. Saying “no” to perfection, and “yes” to purpose
4. Saying “yes” to intentional choices that help you design what’s next
5. Helping women live today with the power of wellbeing

This is what my brand stands for. And, what I promise to deliver to women who are stressed but seeking to slow down,and who want to connect with who they are.

If you, like me, want to tap into your hidden gifts and strengths, break through your own barriers, and live your legacy today ….let’s talk soon!

Here’s my background:

President, KC Healthcare Communications (PR/branding consulting)

Masters in Public Health, Boston University School of Public Health

Trained health and Wellness coach (Wellcoaches, Inc. )

Trained Yoga Teacher (200 hour registered yoga teacher)

Univ of Southern California Leonard Davis School of Gerontology

Whole Being Institute, Teaching for Transformation

Benson Henry Institute, Mind Body Medicine

Healthcare Businesswomen’s Association/Boston Chapter, Global Digital Innovator and Webinar moderator

Connecticut Technology Council, Nominated Woman of Innovation

Host of Blog-Style Online Radio Show Host, Real Women on Health and Design the Second Half of Your Life

 Moderator, Career Conversations on Purpose, Emotional Intelligence Leadership

 Published articles in Huffington Post


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