get off your hamster wheel and stay in the game you love so much!

Get off the Hamster Wheel in 5-Steps!

Ready to get off your hamster wheel but unsure of how to stay in the game you love so much? Let’s design what’s next and align your aspirations with your wellbeing…so you can work well and thrive. If you’re a busy professional working woman who tends to push herself to the brink, let’s talk. Let’s connect so I can share more about my own 5-step strategy for busy working women, possibility and wellbeing.

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Let’s Collaborate for Women’s Wellbeing

Let’s collaborate for business development and women’s wellbeing! If you’re a female entrepreneur or consultant who supports women’s wellbeing, I’m interested in sharing my work with you. Areas of interest include wealth management, healthcare, personal image, professional communications & development, fitness or mind body connection. Together, we can expand working women’s capacity for wellbeing through events, workshops and retreats, all while building your brand value and client relationships.Interested?

Design Your Next: Possibility Circles

Get ready to design your next, your new possibility, after you wind down your current job or business. If you’re a senior manager, consultant or executive who wants to design what’s next, join me and like-minded women in a 5-week small group where we’ll design our next life’s work, guided by our own meaningful action plan (MAP). We’ll meet either online or face-to-face in a beautiful light-filled space in Boston, according to our mutual available schedules. Ready to be supported in community to design your best next life’s work?

What She Said…

“I thoroughly enjoyed working with Kelley over six weeks this past fall. Through the five-step coaching program, I easily discovered the places where had become “stuck” and unable to figure out a favorable path forward. Kelley helped me notice the opportunities that had been right in front of me all along.” – Senior PR Executive

“Kelley is so down to earth, funny and smart and clearly has a gift for doing this kind of work and facilitating it. I’m looking forward to the next retreat.” — Deb W, Writer, Artist

“This was one of the best retreats I’ve ever been to. Kelley makes the retreat a transformative experience. ” – Jamie K. Paralegal, Publisher

“Rewarding and reflective retreat with a fabulous group of warm, welcoming, sharing & open women who were/are not only accomplished but seeking more for themselves. Provided me with clarity in how I will design the next stage of my life”
– scientist, leader, and future wellness coach

– It was lovely to see you in action Kelley and I’m sure your support will help women as they move forward. It was really lovely to see the camaraderie. – Julie M Silver, MD, Associate Professor and Associate Chair for Strategic Initiatives at Harvard Medical School Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

“This retreat weekend was the most meaningful and inspirational step I have taken in my life to date. My life has been about achieving, doing the right thing, and serving others. But, this is the first time I have had the opportunity to discern what is true and meaningful for me. Thank you Kelley and all the wonderful women who attended.”

“I’ve known Kelley’s work for a decade, and she’s tirelessly committed to advancing public health, especially women’s health in midlife. I have seen her apply her branding and communication skills in creative ways to engage both consumers and healthcare professionals for better health and wellbeing. I highly recommend her to any healthcare or wellness organization

— Michelle Segar, MPH, PhD, Director at University of Michigan’s Sport, Health, and Activity Research and Policy (SHARP)

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